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It takes an exceptional team to launch a one-of-kind channel such as Dandana TV. Here is all you need to know about the Dandana Team dedicated staff.

Amr Altahawi


Andy Altahawi is the founder of Dandana Networks – including Dandana TV, Dandana Radio and Dandana TV Productions. During his successful career on Wall Street and launching his investment company, Mr. Altahawi’s focus shifted towards a life-long dream as an immigrant Arab-American. Amr started working tirelessly on creating a new and unique platform to open up the lines of communication between the Middle Eastern immigrants and other worldly cultures. After launching the fastest growing Middle Eastern music pack on the Dish Network Satellite, Dandana TV’s success is reaching second and third generation immigrants as well as Americans that want to learn more about the Middle Eastern entertainment industry and the Arab-American social aspect the network’s one-of-a-kind live talk shows and rich music videos.

Dandana TV reaches thousands of viewers through the Dish Network Satellite in the US and Rogers Cable in Canada.

As a leading businessman and prominent member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, Mr. Altahawi has written numerous articles in newspapers about investing in the U.S. markets. He has also appeared regularly on network TV discussing the US markets and the industry itself. Mr. Altahawi is the lead investment banker on a number of high profile IPO’s, listed on the NASDAQ Exchange.

Mr. Altahawi holds a law degree from Cairo University and PH.D in finance from Chelsea University in London.

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